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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [RT] module, project, target = repository, module, project...
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 21:40:50 GMT

> I'm tempted to do a radical remodelling of our metadata structure to
> this kind of ambiguity, even going as far as having conventions like
> project-name-is-file-name be gently enforced.

We are rebuilding Gump from the bottom up, so why not do the same with the
metadata? I'm game for it. I say we create a Gump3 workspace on Brutus to
run the minimum (e.g. up to Ant) and we work and re-work it until we like
it. We can throw in all the "rotton" test cases we like, like Jakarata
Commons and so forth. Once we like it we can migrate the whole set of
metadata, which we could likely script (for 80+%).

> Oh, ehm, I was even briefly tempted to turn our model into RDF but there
> ain't that many good tools for RDF editing :-D

I'm repeating what Iv'e written before, but for my tuppence ... I think
folks are most comfortable with XML, even if RDF good sense as a set of
statements about a module/project/artifact. I say we stick w/ XML, have us
generate RDF triples to match the metadata, and (eventually) allow RDF for
input (when we allow Maven descriptors, etc.)



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