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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Logging insights for Gump3 please
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 00:10:17 GMT

> Change; configure the logging package by hand (I think that's
> called "basicConfig()") instead of using a config file, and make it output
> everything to the screen. We can fix it later, and there's no test to look
> for the existence of log files so you're not breaking anything ;)

Ok, got it. This "LogReporter" isn't "a reporter to a log" it is "a reporter
of logs". Since my workspace/environment had no Ant script to run (and had
done no CVS|SVN updates to get one), I had no properties ending with _log,
and (apparently) no exceptions. As such, no reporter output data.

After (1) editing the gump.log.config and checking out oddities like
args(stdout,) -- yup, odd but right (2) adding
[logger_plugin_error-handler] -- nope, no new errors reported. (3) shutting
down logging gracefully -- nope, nothing new (4) stopping the config level
overriding the log file [I can restore this, but things are getting too
verbose for me, given what I've added] (5) dotting lots of log messages -- 
yup, walking as intended ... I finally figured it out. The clue (staring us
in the face) was that the same log was used for writing the initialisation
message as the contents. I saw this message, so I ought have seen anything

The main reason I was expecting more content was I was writing a pretty
printer plug-in,  when log reporter first came along, to see what attributes
the various plugins left on the model. Since we are using the model as a
message board that seems a key tool for newbies like me to get insights into
the 'protocol' between plugins. I'll get back to writing it, now I know that
LogReporter isn't that beastie.

I'd half like to see a "properties diff tool" that runs in between plugins,
to see what is changed each time a plugin runs.  I could imaging plugins
taking credit (say) for a property be updating a table. This is likely
overkill for now though, and a dump (at the end) ought teach me what I need
to know.



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