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Subject [jira] Subscription: open gump issues
Date Sun, 27 Mar 2005 23:04:16 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: open gump issues (66 issues)

Project: Gump
Resolution: Unresolved

Key         Summary
GUMP-113    Set up dynagump installation and proxypass from main gump site
GUMP-112    Document 0.5 version of the Gump Object Model
GUMP-111    rewrite gump3 algorithm in python pseudocode
GUMP-110    document the gump3 graph algebra language and explain it
GUMP-109    verify gump3 digital algorithm
GUMP-108    digitize gump3 algorithm design
GUMP-107    Document gump3 algorithm design
GUMP-106    gump.plugins.ScriptPlugin component for executing <script/> commands
GUMP-105    design a way to build against the last-successful-dependency-build
GUMP-104    design a way to walk part of the tree very efficiently
GUMP-103    design conventions for marking up the gump.model and modifying behaviour
GUMP-102    gump.plugins.RmdirPlugin component for removing <rmdir/> directories
GUMP-101    gump.plugins.MkdirPlugin component for creating <mkdir/> directories
GUMP-100    gump.plugins.ModelDumper component for persisting the model on disk
GUMP-99     gump.plugins.Dynagumper component for populating the dynagump database
GUMP-98     usage documentation for gump.util.executor
GUMP-97     basic implementation of gump.util.executor
GUMP-96     testcases for gump.util.executor
GUMP-95     gump.util.executor.Executor component for cleaning up processes
GUMP-94     testcases for gump.engine.model.Verifier
GUMP-93     testcases for gump.engine.model.Objectifier
GUMP-92     testcases for gump.engine.model.Normalizer
GUMP-91     testcases for gump.engine.model.Loader
GUMP-90     testcases for gump.engine.modeller
GUMP-89     support <junitreport
GUMP-88     ./gump fails with SyntaxError on Solaris8
GUMP-87     Be able to view unit tests (and other files) generated by Maven builds
GUMP-85     A package typo or mis-naming or mis-match crashes Gump
GUMP-84     Packages defined in built modules are shown as "green" but they should be "blue"
GUMP-83     The <mkdir element ought be removed, and automated
GUMP-82     Keep only the jars from the last successful build
GUMP-81     Gump (or it's tools, CVS, etc.) does not cope with Unicode filenames
GUMP-80     Documentation needs updating (validating)
GUMP-76     Install Mono 1.0 on brutus
GUMP-72     Requirement for multiple license file declarations.
GUMP-71     Gump Run GUID should use hostname and FQDN
GUMP-66     Run gump as a service
GUMP-62     Module docs needs to point to fully qualified viewcvs
GUMP-61     Gump generated pages need a 'powered by python' logo
GUMP-58     Respect list prefixing requests (like jakarta-commons) has
GUMP-57     A 'stale' state is needed
GUMP-56     Project Stats Summary ought reflect Gumped/Not Gumped
GUMP-54     wrap corrupts the data
GUMP-53     Re-including repositories causes corruption
GUMP-52     Fails to propogate 'config' (no such depends) properly
GUMP-50     A portable/robust lock is needed (that the OS cleans up)
GUMP-49     Build start and end times (in UTC)
GUMP-46     Gumpy not creating valid <ant> classpath
GUMP-40     non-committers can modify (some) descriptors
GUMP-39     gump-check ant task
GUMP-38     Does NOT cope with circular dependencies
GUMP-36     Generate source diff report on build failure
GUMP-35     Failed to kill errant children
GUMP-32     support configure/make/automake
GUMP-31     cvs dirs should be cleaned every month (or so)
GUMP-30     put installed packages under version control
GUMP-29     new user howto
GUMP-28     document gumpy internals
GUMP-26     keep around build logs
GUMP-25     document actual gump installations
GUMP-21     FOG factor is misleading and requires improvement
GUMP-20     Dependecies/Dependees are over counted
GUMP-19     Support encoding of international characters in nag mail headers
GUMP-17     Failed to 'list .HTML files as work'
GUMP-16     Support for <regexp in <nag
GUMP-3      <project package ought override <module <cvs / <ant

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