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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Maven generated descriptors and runtime="true"
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 10:31:27 GMT
On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Brett Porter <> wrote:

> I didn't quite understand why something would be needed at build
> time, but not runtime?

Ant or JavaCC, for example.

>> If that helps.  I'm not sure.  We still have a few cases of
>> jelly-tags builds that passed in the Ant incarnation but fail now
>> that we use Maven.
> which ones? There haven't been any mails,

I don't understand that either.  They probably sit in the moderation
queue since commons-dev@jakarta isn't subscribed to itself.

> and doesn't
> show them.

Should do so shortly.

dom4j failed because tests failed and so we didn't try to build any
parts of jelly for a few days.  I changed dom4j's descriptor and the
first public run that had picked it up has just finished a few minutes
ago.  You can already see the builds I mean by looking into the build
log of "public".

> I'm guessing its because other dependent projects are failing?

No, the tests [ERROR] out, and I think it is because ouf a
ClaasNotFoundException for org.jaxen.JaxenException.  It was the last
time when I checked.

>> I guess - but that's not backed by any facts yet - that the
>> problem is that CVS dom4j needs Jaxen at runtime, but Maven's junit
>> plugin ignores Jaxen even if it is on the classpath.
> "ignores Jaxen" - this shouldn't be the case, though it won't be
> used as the default XML parser I don't think.

If it is not listed as a dependency, the junit plugin won't add it to
the classpath running the tests.

> Anyway, no point stabbing in the dark - if I see a failer, I can
> look at addressing it.

OK, swing fails since the tests don't pick up the java.awt.headless

Some others fail because of not finding beanutils or BSF

Jetty also has different problems[2] (ports being in use and missing
commons-codec now needed by commons-httpclient).




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