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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Maven and Gump
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2005 19:42:50 GMT

A few questions (not clear from the docs, so if someone can save me
trawling the code that'd be great :)

- can I pass <property ... /> to <maven /> and it will be passed in as
-Dname=value? This appears to be true
- can I pass <arg ... /> to <maven />? I'd like to pass in -X for one
project to help debug a failure.
- can someone upgrade the Maven instance running to 1.0.2? I'm not
prepared to add Maven to the build cycle of Gump until I'm confident
with the Jelly/Directory experiments.

This is the one I need -X for - its unclear why velocity-dep does not
contain the collections class required:


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