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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Gump3 questions
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 14:06:21 GMT
> > 2) Does Gump3 use Zope or work with Zope?
> No, it doesn't use Zope. Why would you want to do that? Zope is overkill
> IMNSHO and they made a lot of the wrong design decisions.

I never suggested it, I was merely asking. Look for the word "zope" inside
the Gump3 code to figure out why. ;-)

> >>>> import testrunner
> >>>> testrunner.main('-a')
> Nope. No idea. Try stepping through it in debug mode :-D

Yeah, I did that yesterday. Unfortunately the debugger seems to request/set
a command line, rather than work like the Python shell. It works in the
debugger. Oh well, I'm just trying to be more Pythonic this time round, I'll
figure it out.

> IMNSHO the answer is a big fat "no". Experience shows that when it is
> annoying to pass in lots of things into a component because it looks
> visually ugly, you pass in less stuff, and that is a Good Thing. Trust me
> this. If you need to pass more than 5 things around between components
> that's a problem.

Good point. Hadn't considered it that way, but I sure did "feel" the
resistence to pass stuff, so I hear ya...

> > Also, tell folks the names of start/stop timing properties
> > seems odd. Maybe we need to pass some pre-dictionaries of terms or
> > something.
> I don't know what you're referring to here...

class Dynagumper(AbstractPlugin):
    Populate the DynaGump run metadata database.
    def __init__(self, db, log, startdate_property_name='startdate',

and where thing fail 'cos getattr needs

  def visit_project(self, project):
        """Add information about a project to the database."""
        tablename = "projects"
        startdate = getattr(project, self.startdate_property_name)
        enddate = getattr(project, self.enddate_property_name)
        name =

What were you trying to achieve with this? If we start passing property
names into component we'll blow past 5 like yesterday...



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