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From Andrew McIntyre <>
Subject Re: derby build
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 08:26:40 GMT

On Jan 25, 2005, at 2:04 AM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> Ideally we'd build everything except the JDBC 2.0 stuff using Gump's
> default.  And build the JDBC 2.0 stuff with JDK 1.3's rt.jar on the
> bootclasspath.

The easiest way to achieve this would be to set the property j13lib to 
the location of the JDK 1.3 jar, and build with 
build.sysclasspath=last. I don't know if this is currently possible, 
but I'm guessing no.

> Is there any sensible split of targets in the build file in order to
> achieve that?

So, I made a first pass at this and it come out to seven splits. In the 
main derby build.xml there are now 7 new targets:

gump_split_1: builds everything up to internal api JDBC 2.0 interfaces
gump_split_2: builds internal api JDBC 2.0 interfaces
gump_split_3: builds up to implementations of JDBC 2.0 interfaces
gump_split_4: builds implementations of JDBC 2.0 interfaces
gump_split_5: builds external api up to JDBC 2.0 interfaces
gump_split_6: builds external api classes for JDBC 2.0
gump_split_7: builds everything else.

So, gump_split_2, 4, and 6 should be built with JDK 1.3's rt.jar, the 
rest can be built with JDK 1.4's rt.jar. They should be built in order. 
Also, I just realized that all of these need to be built with the 
property sane=false, which creates a build with all optimizations 
turned on.

I will try in the future to condense these to a smaller number of 
targets, but I don't currently know if this is possible. With these 
targets, though, i think it might be possible to build derby with gump.

Please let me know if there is more I can do.


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