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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Kaffe/Jikes builds
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 07:50:01 GMT
On Wed, 8 Dec 2004, Dalibor Topic <> wrote:

> the Xalan failure looks a bit bizarre, as I'd expect it to actually
> use the org.w3c classes from xml-apis.jar.

Which it seems to do in the JDK 1.5 builds (otherwise it would have
the same problems there as well).

We use -Xbootclasspath for xml-apis to ensure our version gets used,
maybe this doesn't work for Kaffe?  Or just not using Jikes?  I'll
probably need some -verbose output to be sure.

> The warning from jikes 
>     [javac] *** Semantic Warning: I/O warning: "No such file or
>     directory" while trying to open
>     /home/gump/workspaces2/kaffe/workspace/xml-xalan/java/${build.boot.class.path}.
> seems to indicate that kaffe somehow fails to turn
> ${build.boot.class.path} into something useable.

Harmless and happens in all the other builds as well (only that nobody
complains about it).  From Xalan's build.xml:

    <!-- Set build.boot.class.path to a JDK 1.1.x file to check
         compatibility with 1.1.x.  If you omit this property, compatability
         with 1.1.x will not be checked even though javac specifies a target of 1.1 -->

> Beside the lacking methods in class library, the major thing that
> kills builds seems to be an oddity in jikes. See
> build_jakarta-commons_commons-lang.html for an example:

Why don't I see any result pages on brutus ATM?  Ahh, the last Ant
build took more than an hour and was killed.  Any idea why?

> [javac] Found 2 semantic errors compiling
> "/home/gump/workspaces2/kaffe/workspace/jakarta-commons/lang/src/java/org/
> apache/commons/lang/builder/":
>     [javac]     81.     public boolean isShortClassName() {
>     [javac]                            ^----------------^
>     [javac] *** Semantic Error: The overridden method "boolean
> isShortClassName();" is deprecated in type
> "org.apache.commons.lang.builder.ToStringStyle".

Maybe turning off -deprecated will help.  I'll give it a try.

If that doesn't help, -nowarn will be a more drastic approach which
can get controlled via a magic Ant property.

> This
> build_cpptasks_ant-contrib-cpptasks.html

Page is not there, but any Ant build will certainly need some kind of
XML parser.  I'll add Xerces.



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