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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject axis-wsdl4j - a Maven/Gump mismatch
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 08:12:20 GMT
Hi all,

the apollo and muse builds showed that the Maven repository has wsdl4j
as an artifact published by Axis.

I don't really know whether the jar distributed as axis-wsdl4j.jar
there is the same as the wsdl4j.jar produced by Gump's wsdl4j project,
but will for now assume that it is.  Also, I don't want to talk about
legal issues like pretending that jar would be under the Apache
License (the way it is published right now) when really it isn't - at
least not now.

What we have here is that a Maven artifact is supposed to be part of a
different code base than Gump thinks it is.  This time, I think, Gump
is correct.

Since Maven right now will only use the artifactId we could easily
make the Maven builds work by calling the jar axis-wsdl4j inside
wsdl4j.xml even if it wasn't related to Axis at all.  But IIRC Maven
will use more than just the artifactId in the future.  And secondly I
don't want to use an artifactId that sends a false message.

In this case the real fix IMHO is that wsdl4j (the "real one") gets
added to the Maven repo as a separate project and the dependencies
inside the project.xml files get fixed.

But I'd like to get some input from those closer to Axis and the rest
of the ws-* projects since I may very well misunderstand the
underlying issues.



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