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From Dalibor Topic <>
Subject Re: Problem running Apache Gump [brutus-kaffe]
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 03:11:08 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack <ajack <at>> writes:

> >
> > Hmmm, what's wrong with the kaffe build? it keeps on sending these
> messages.
> >
> It keeps getting this message:
>     [gump <at> brutus] /usr/local/gump/kaffe/gump $ svn update
>     svn: Failed to add file 'gump': object of the same name already exists
> Ever since I had to delete/re-create the LIVE branch we've seen this. I do
> an "svn cleanup" and then it works, but it seems it comes back. Perhaps it
> is time to move kaffe/gump to kaffe/gump-svn-corrupt, re-checkout and
> transfer any files over. What I don't get though is that a kaffe build
> appears to be ongoing. Maybe it is some dross that needs to be cleaned
> out/killed (and maybe it is part cause of the SVN problem.)

speaking of killing runaway kaffe processes, would it be possible to get the
default kill time for runaway processes down from 1h to 30 minutes? brutus seems
to be a sporty enough machine for that (at least from kaffe's side) to make the
single builds happen quickly enough (i hope, at least), and the hangs from kaffe
(yep, our bug, i'm working on it) slow the build log down quite a bit. I can
assume that the hangs will increase as more projects become buildable, so while
we're busy finxing them, please consider setting the kill time lower for kaffe.

dalibor topic

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