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From Dalibor Topic <>
Subject Re: Kaffe/Jikes builds
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 00:44:41 GMT
Stefan Bodewig <bodewig <at>> writes:

> Hi,
> I include Jikes in the subject since the Ant breakage is due to a
> Jikes/Javac incompatibility (jikes won't accept -source 1.2).
> The Ant build should work on the next Kaffe run.

Thanks a lot Stefan! It worked pretty well, and more projects have now built.

> For the rest of the problems it seems that Kaffe's classlib doesn't
> implement enough of Swing (without JUnit we won't get very far) and at
> the same time implements too much of DOM3 (Node#getUserData not
> implemented in Xalan, yet).

the Xalan failure looks a bit bizarre, as I'd expect it to actually use the
org.w3c classes from xml-apis.jar. 

The warning from jikes 

    [javac] *** Semantic Warning: I/O warning: "No such file or directory" 
trying to open

seems to indicate that kaffe somehow fails to turn ${build.boot.class.path} into
something useable.

I don't know what build.boot.class.path is though, nor was google helpful in
really finding out ;)

Beside the lacking methods in class library, the major thing that kills builds
seems to be an oddity in jikes. See
for an example:

[javac] Found 2 semantic errors compiling

    [javac]     81.     public boolean isShortClassName() {
    [javac]                            ^----------------^
    [javac] *** Semantic Error: The overridden method "boolean
isShortClassName();" is deprecated in type

    [javac]    102.     public void setShortClassName(boolean shortClassName) {
    [javac]                         ^---------------------------------------^
    [javac] *** Semantic Error: The overridden method "void
setShortClassName(boolean shortClassName);" is deprecated in type

I guess that's a bug in jikes.

looks like a missing Xerces on the classpath for jikes.

dalibor topic,
off to bed for today

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