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From Brett Porter <>
Subject status of xalan breakage?
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 12:03:40 GMT

I notice xalan has been broken for two weeks. I've seen a couple of
enquiries here, but am not sure of the status.

Is anyone working on fixing this? It's knocked out half of the projects :)

I'd like to get directory finalised (which depends on this), and would
also like to move commons-jelly to a <maven build instead of its
generated ant descriptors, but it won't build until xalan does either.

Is it possible to do this:
1) create a xalan-failing project that uses xalan HEAD to build
2) make the xalan descriptor either package the last release, or build
from a known-good tag
3) when xalan-failing starts building again, switch back

This is a highly manual but cheap way of doing "last good" :)



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