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From Brett Porter <>
Subject directory descriptors and gump
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2004 10:01:28 GMT

All the directory descriptors are now Maven generated again. I think
this is it now (we'll see with tomorrow's update). Kerberos' path
should be fixed and the rest should be consistent with the previous

If updates are needed, its preferred to do it via Maven (with the gump
2.0 plugin I will release after a vote), or let the directory
developers know so they can update the project.xml files accordingly.

If anyone is interested in restarting the discussion on using Maven
metadata directly, or at least generating the gump descriptors from
the project descriptors, let me know.

More importantly, getting the IDs sorted out would be a big bonus. I
think I have a better knowledge to discuss this now - I'll look to put
together a proposal.


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