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From Brett Porter <>
Subject gump descriptor questions
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2004 22:17:01 GMT

I'm updating the Maven gump generator to help Niclas out in getting
directory into gump. I have a few questions. I apologise in advance if
these are answered in the documentation, but I figured someone here
will be able to quickly give me the correct answer, rather than what I
infer the correct answer to be :)

The things I believe to be true:
- gump descriptors have one module and 1-to-many projects. In maven,
module maps to group (a multiproject), project to artifact (one
project.xml), is this correct?

- depend specifies a project name. Can you also specify a module name?
Or does gump assume all project id's to be globally unique at this
- in javadoc, how is the module tag used? Should I be setting it to
the package, or the same module given to cvs/svn?
- for the <maven element, can "goal" have multiple values? is it
- is the project name also assumed to be the project subdirectory
relative to the gump descriptor? So for the "nested" atttributes, is
this directory relative to the location of the gump descriptor, or is
it within the project subdirectory?

Thanks... with these answered I can give out a test version of the
gump plugin to see if it does what you need.


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