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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: [RT] Gump 3.0 - Database Model
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 03:41:56 GMT wrote:
> Stefano,
> Some afterthoughts.  Hopefully to help clarify.  The scope of a "Project"
> in our system (currently) is that of a build (a series of builds) for a 
> given
> instance of (1) product-release on a given (2) target.  This of course
> means that a single configuration for a given instance of #1 would then
> "fan out" to several "Projects" (as we have used this word).
> I am not completely happy with this arrangement, since our "Project"
> does not distinguish between:
>  (a) separate configurations, or
>  (b) the same configurations build on different targets.
> And somehow I think this distinction should be more clearly represented
> in the data model.
> I think if (1) were to be defined as the "Project" and the (2)'s under it
> would be "SubProject" (to use some names), and keep the arbitrary
> grouping mechanism, though now at the SubProject level, then I think
> we've gained something w/o any other feature loss.

I'm sorry, I totally lost you here :-/

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