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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Recent Gump Error and DefaultHandler
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 16:19:03 GMT
Ceki Gülcü wrote:
> Stefan,
> Many thanks for the detailed report and the proposed fix.
> If my memory serves me correctly, we have already encountered the same
> exact problem previously and  had solved it.  This particular instance
> of the problem will get fixed later today.
> It's a good  thing Gump compiles project with JDK  1.5, instead of JDK
> 1.4 which most of us still seem to use.
> On a different but related matter, I would love if Gump's scope
> (or  mission statement) could  be extended  to run  tests on  the many
> different platforms  it is deployed on.   If that were  the case, Gump
> would act as a virtual test lab, with a huge added value for a project
> like log4j.  Gump  currently has the technical capability  to run test
> cases. So, maybe  there is nothing else to  change except symbolically
> extend Gump's mission statement.
> Perhaps this has been already discussed or is being worked on but
> maybe it is not. I believe the matter deserves some consideration.

We are in the process of discussing the architecture of Gump 3.0 which 
will split gump into three stages:

  1) project metadata harvesting (try to capture data from projects 
rather than having gump people maintain them)

  2) do the build

  3) mine and present the build metadata

having the 3 stages separated would allow us to open stage #2 for 
multiple machines. The goal is to have as many CPU/OS/Environments as 
possible testing our code.

Ceki, as constructors do when they are renovating a space "please, 
excuse the mess, we're working to make it better" and we also know that 
we cannot simply shut down gump, because if we did, all the uncaught 
problems will keep percolating (the tendency of the ecosystem to break 
is a *lot* higher than the tendency for the system to heal itself up... 
which is something we are concerned about and this new architecture 
(with a new social scheme, as you suggested) should make things better).



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