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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: more questions - on depends
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 05:16:09 GMT
> > Do you mean does ID default? Sorta -- we trim dates/.jar and such.
> Yeah, so id = project if id is left off?

Yes. In python/gump/core/model/

                # :TODO: A work in progress, not sure how
                # we ought 'construct' ids.
                for output in self.getOutputs():
                    if not output.hasId():
                        # Strip off .jar or .lib (note: both same length)
                        if newId.endswith('.jar') or newId.endswith('.lib'):
                        # Strip off -@@DATE@@
                        datePostfix='-' + str(default.date_s)
                        if newId.endswith(datePostfix):
                            reduction=-1 * len(datePostfix)
                        # Assign...
                        self.addDebug('Output [' + basename + '] identifier
set to output basename: [' + newId + ']')

> In that case, I'll add an optional <>...</> property.

I'm sorry there are still Gump/Maven id mismatches. I've been out of the
loop on al lthise, but I really figured the Gump metadata would be tweaked
to fit what Maven had defined. Shame if that isn't so.



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