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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Gump 3.0
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 18:00:43 GMT
Ok, here is my thinking on how we proceed towards Gump 3.0, i.e.:

    1) Metadata Gathering
    2) Processing (Build/Sync/Update)
    3) Results/Presentation/History Query/Analysis

Fnor *now* ...

1) Phase One (Metadata Gathering) is simply the way to get XML documention
into a local file system for Gump to process. Eventually this could be
crawlers (etc.) that parse GOMs and POMs, but (for now) the CVS update &
HTTP gets are tolerable. [If anybody has an itch to tackle this first, speak
up, but I think it is a reasonable/significant amount of work and (IMHO) can
wait a little while longer.]

2) Phase Two (Building) is what we currently have as core, but that outputs
to an historical database (plus some files for those w/o huge databases). It
will not do RDF/RSS/Atom/Notification/XHTML Presentation (or XDOCS). It will
not do Stats (neither XHTML presentation nor internal to DBM) nor will it do

3) Phase Three  (Analysis/Communication) is a whole new world; re-writting
the 'will not do' list from above from the results database. This could be
Python code, or Cocoon, or ...

I'd like to focus my time on (2) and request that others help with (3).

Question: We currently run JDK1.5 and Kaffe off TRUNK not LIVE. Ought we
change this? Alternatively, ought we perform this Gump work in a separate
branch. I think I can add to the current w/o too much instability, then
remove stuff when needed. I'm game to listen to others opinions/concerns

[FWIIW: Personally, I'd love to get back to NAnt building except that Mono
is still my roadblock.I think Gump 3.0 ought be far less resource bound, and
it ought help us simplify running/operating Gump. As such, I hope it leads
to more users and hence more hands to help with NAnt, etc.]



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