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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: How do our unit tests work?
Date Tue, 07 Dec 2004 15:28:16 GMT
> * Is it true that they *depend* on one another and need to execute in a
> particular order? What is the nature of that dependency and how can we
> remove it?
> It would be nice if we could make each test totally isolated from the
> others.

A bit of context which includes the answers...

These tests are pretty closly based upon JUnit, and I called it PyUnit
before I knew of a Python PyUnit. Part of the reason for using our own
pyunit was so we didn't have to add Python module dependencies to remote
servers, but since we are starting to do that with MySQL drivers and such,
that matters less and less. I am game to move to any real PyUnit if needs

The dependency I add was a run order dependency, not a run
output/side-effect dependency. The tests ought be 100% independent of each
other, no expectation of side-effects. I am of the belief that if a unit
test for code X uses Y (internally) and Y failed some of it's unit tests,
then why run X tests? You'd be chasing uncertainties. As such, I added that
run order dependency -- although I'm not sure where (if anywhere) it is
used. I can live without it (as I did in JUnit when I couldn't talk those
guys into it. ;-)

The tests ought not depend upon any other tests.

> * How can I figure out what tests need what files/workspace stuff in

Nothing fancy sorry. I placed all the metadata into test/resources/... Most
of them use the fullest workspace, but a few use the broken workspace (for
testing errors, etc.) I really need to add a test for a bad package since
Gump has exited due to that upon numerous occasions.

Sorry I can't easily explain what file is needed by what test, but it isn't
as complicated as you might be assuming (from these questions). What are you
seeing, and can I help you debug it?

BTW: Working directory has been a pain at times, especially since I wrapped
the 'exec' aspect of Gump. That getting you?



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