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From "Eric Pugh" <>
Subject Picking up the ball from Niclas (ugh!) on Velocity
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 19:32:05 GMT

I thought I would just submit a patch to Velocity to fix the velocity/log4j
problem and everything would be fine.  Wrong..   The issue is the non
backwards compatible API change to log4j.  And, I saw Niclas email about it
as well.

So, I dug some more and according to this email:

there is a binary version.  So I thought "hey, use that"..  Only to discover
that Gump can check out a tagged branch of code!  And that there is a
project called logging-log4j-12.xml already building that most dependees of
log4j use.

So, I made the change, and that should fix Velocity...  Of course, it
basically is like dynamically building a package..   Fulcrum Configuration
relies on the older version of commons-configuration.  I am going to apply
the same trick there.


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