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From Ceki Gülcü <>
Subject Re: Fwd: failure notice
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 13:32:42 GMT
At 03:39 AM 11/30/2004, Geir Magnusson Jr wrote:
>some lists choose to moderate...

Hello Geir,

We currently don't but may switch back to moderated list. Sorry about the 

>anyway, the interesting thing is the problem I have fixing Velocity so 
>Gump is happy ...

Niclas Hedhman informed us of this problem. There was a conscious choice to 
remove the old RollingAppender and replace with something better.

To help you solve this problem there several routes exists. First and more 
philosophically, there is more to software development than keeping gump 
happy. Having said that, you can keep gump happy by either switching to 
FileAppender or keep your own version of RollingFileAppender.

Perhaps the easiest alternative is to have velocity explicitly tell gump 
that velocity depends on log4j 1.2.x and not log4j head. Actually this 
would  be he action I would recommended.

I hope this helps,

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>>From: Geir Magnusson Jr <>
>>Subject: Re: Gump reporting
>>Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 21:28:57 -0500
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>>Why isn't this backwards compatible?
>>I'm trying to fix this, but I can't.  There is no released version of =20=
>>log4j that has this change, and I won't have vel based on whatever we =20=
>>can build from head-du-jour.
>>Is there a way to make this backwards compatible?  Like deprecate =20
>>o.a.l.RFA, release so we can switch to o.a.l.rolling.RFA?
>>On Nov 28, 2004, at 2:38 PM, Paulo Gaspar wrote:
>>>But how do you constrain the use of disk space with the FileAppender?
>>>With the RollingFileAppender, that is a simple matter of =
>>>Paulo Gaspar
>>>Ceki G=FClc=FC wrote:
>>>>Hi Niclas,
>>>>The change is not not a backward compatible. My suggestion would be =20=
>>>>use a simple FileAppender instead of RollingFileAppender.
>>>>At 02:13 PM 11/26/2004, Niclas Hedhman wrote:
>>>>>Jakarta Velocity is somehow using the RollingFileAppender in code, =20=
>>>>>and I
>>>>>wonder if you guys have moved it from
>>>>>     org.apache.log4j.RollingFileAppender
>>>>>     org.apache.log4j.rolling.RollingFileAppender
>>>>>and whether this constitutes a compatible change or not, as I think =20=
>>>>>if this is
>>>>>the case, it will also break a lot of configuration files out there.
>>>>>Thanks for any feedback.

Ceki Gülcü

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