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From "Eric Pugh" <>
Subject RE: gump/maven plugins dependencies are broken
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 23:01:04 GMT
I may just take the simplifying approach of avoiding requireing a plugin at
build time.  There are a number of issues with Maven 1.0 and plugins being
download and installed.  Especially with multiple versions of a plugin.

Additionally, the biggest thing I want is compilation verification which can
be done easily via Ant..  For Fulcrum components the path of least
resistence may be to just to switch to Ant for now..


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> From: Stephen McConnell []
> Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 10:53 PM
> To:
> Subject: gump/maven plugins dependencies are broken
> Have been trying to sort out an issue concerning dependency logic
> related to maven plugins during gump runs.
> If we take a look at the Fulcrum MimeType Impl project it declares a
> dependency (inside the maven project.xml) to the avalon-meta-plugin.
> Normally maven will load the plugin at buildtime (which involves the
> creation of a plugin classloader which in the case of the
> avalon-meta-plugin involves loading about 6 or 7 other jar files that
> are declared in the plugin's project.xml (embedded in the plugin jar
> file).
> However - something very strange is going on.
> Maven appears to be loading the version of the plugin declared in the
> project.xml and NOT the version of the plugin supplied by gump.  This
> means that the wrong dependencies get pulled in - demonstrated by the
> fact that maven is complaining about a missing dependency
> excalibur-configuration.  Please note that excalibur-configuration is
> *not* a dependency with the plugin supplied by gump - but it is a
> dependency in the version of the plugin declared in the project.xml
> file.
> Here is the build result referencing the invalid missing
> excalibur-configuration dependency.
> My conclusion is that the gump builder for maven is expanding
> dependencies based on the project.xml versioned plugin declaration via a
> remote repository instead of expanding the project.xml of the latest
> version of the plugin.  The thing here is that there is no information
> available to the gump for maven builder to tell it where to find the
> plugin's project.xml.  A possible solution here is to provide additional
> information to the builder - possibly a file that would
> tell the gump builder where to find the definitive project.xml for the
> plugin.
> My currently feeling is that this issue is likely to block the majority
> of builds in the Fulcrum repository.
> Any suggestions?
> Stephen.
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