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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: jtidy
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 07:18:31 GMT
> > -- it is the last step before Cocoon, it seems. That, or somehow we
> > need to tackle this list below.
> Brett, if we built all those plugins from source, would we be able to
> use the freshly compiled versions of them in Maven using jar overrides
> or something?  Or would this involve changing the Maven installation?

I'll give a more explanatory answer, but the short answer is that it
doesn't require changing the Maven installation, so this should be
easy enough.

plugins are a bit "interesting" in Maven 1.x.

There are installation-wide plugins in $MAVEN_HOME/plugins
There are user plugins in $MAVEN_HOME_LOCAL/plugins (usually

to gump, I imagine we never go near the second one, and only change
the first one when we start building Maven from source.

Then there are runtime only plugins - specified as dependencies (as in
the case above), or built as part of a maven build using the reactor
(see geronimo, I think).

Since these ones are dependencies, they can be built using gump and
handled as regular dependencies with jar overrides. They will not
affect other projects, as they are not installed into either of the
two locations above - just loaded into memory for the current maven
run and forgotten once it stops.

> I'm very reluctant to make more parts of our build systems "installed".

Not exactly what you mean by installed here. I agree that they
shouldn't be installed in Maven for all builders to use.

I think that they have to be treated as with other dependencies: use
jar overrides. But whether you build them from source, or package them
is up to you. I'd say building them is unlikely to be problematic
(unless they have some obscure dependencies): plugin:plugin is a very
simple goal.


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