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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: BATCH: All dressed up, with nowhere to go...
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2004 15:17:20 GMT wrote:

> [GUMP@brutus]: Module james-server success, but with warnings.

this should be fixed (was looking in the wrong directory of the repository)

> [GUMP@brutus]: Project txt2html-task (in module jakarta-servletapi-5) success, but with

this is due to this line

     <!-- not a jar, but I don't see a way to create one either -->
     <jar name="jsr152/build/ant"/>

the task seems not to be generating a jar, can we "publish" a directory 
of classes instead of a jar? is <jar dir=""/> allowed?

> [GUMP@brutus]: Module werkz success, but with warnings.

the "werkz" module is gone and Maven is the only one that depends on it. 
Should we blast it?

> [GUMP@brutus]: Project jtidy-cvs (in module jtidy) failed

this requires these maven plugins


so I just added them to the maven repository on brutus (kudos to Eric 
for the IRC help!)

> [GUMP@brutus]: Project jetty-plus (in module jetty) failed

I added the JMX jar to the jetty project, this should make this work


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