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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: a few questions on our descriptors
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2004 16:41:49 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Sam Ruby wrote:
>> Think of <depend> elements inside of <ant> as macros.  It expands to
>> <property> element inside of <ant> and a <depend> element inside
>> <project>.
> Sigh, I guess we have a lot more work to do than I expected :-/

I believe the old gump actually had an XSLT snippet which performed this 
"macro expansion". Since this is not a conditional macro, it should be 
easy enough to fix, no? Just find the snippet...

> golden [rules] of metadata

When gump was started I think the concept of "metadata" was not so 
firmly set at all. I think gump XML started out as not just metadata, 
but also like very limited bits of "scripting" in XML.

It is a /lot/ easier to just write a little bit of script that with a 
little bit of magic is expanded into a commandline for ant than it is to 
build a comprehensive project build model that models the way ant builds 
are set up. It wasn't a bad decision per se, this just needs to be 
changed to move on to "the next level".

In the end, I think what you're looking to do is not /that/ hard, it's 
just about moving the pieces of scripting in the gump xml files into 
something else (seperate concerns). Apply your metadata rules. 
Everything which fails them is a bit of intelligent "scripting" you want 
to move into another layer.

Piece of cake?



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