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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject toward equilibrium
Date Sun, 10 Oct 2004 06:24:34 GMT
Changes that I've done:

  1) added "libtool" to brutus since the native part of catalina were 
not picking it up

  2) moved ant-contrib and domts over (easier to make them validate and 
they shouldn't change much overtime anyway)

  3) catalina should be fixed

  4) jrefactory-pretty is broken and it's hanging 9 projects, but it's 
their fault.

  5) cactus is failing and hanging 12 projects with a weird 
"SecurityException" due to servlet.jar being "sealed". I've looked into 
this and I seems that cactus uses the <available> ant task to find out 
if a class in the servlet API exists, and this somehow triggers the 
exception. the servlet API package generated by the jakarta-servlet 
project is *NOT* sealed, so it seems to me that there is something going 
on with the classloader. Do you guys have any idea of what's up with this?

  6) mx4j-tools is failing and hanging 18 projects and it appears to be 
their fault:


unreported exception java.lang.Exception; must be caught or declared to 
be thrown
     [javac]          server.start();

since they don't catch an exception that Jetty throws. Nagging is 
enabled, so we might just need to contact them.

  The rest of the problems is pretty much all about Excalibur.

Here is the list of problems, ranked by most critical:

  1) excalibur-instrument-mgr-impl

       all dependencies appear satisfied, but it doesn't find "junit" 

  2) excalibur-logger

       it doesn't find the "avalon-framework-4.1.5.jar" dependency

  3) excalibur-event-impl

       all dependencies appear satisfied, but it doesn't find "junit" 

  4) excalibur-sourceresolve

       does not find the following dependencies:

[here it's weird, since excalibur-fortress-container-api-1.2.jar]

investigation continues...


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