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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [status] main issues
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2004 13:37:55 GMT
There are three main issues, IMO, that prevent gump from reaching a 
thermal equilibrium.

  1) the data pollution is too much (signal/noise ratio too low)
  2) the metadata is black magic, inconsistent and not properly documented
  3) the maven integration is poor and hacky

before we can tackle the real juicy challenges that gump faces (for 
example, serious blame back-tracking) we need to get to equilibrium.

Equilibrium is defined when there are no projects with FOG = 0.00

So, goal #1 of this group, IMO, should focus on reaching equilibrium 
before attempting to do anything more serious.

Of the above, I worked on 2) by creating a validation tool. Next phase 
is to write a cron job that validates each module descriptor and nags if 
  it's not valid.

As for 1), I plan to improve the HTML output first (remove some of the 
noise and use DHTML to make ti a little more dynamic), and second work 
on a dynamic webapp for data visualization.

But the *most* serious concern is that we seem to have no way to build 
with Maven and, due to excalibur, this is holding up basically 15 
percent of our projects (including, yes, you guessed right, cocoon).

The problem with maven is that I don't know how we can "inject" the 
gump-generated dependency jars into maven.

Does anybody have an idea? we can't expect excalibur to fix this on 
their own since this is obviously a gump issue, more than an excalibur 


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