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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [rant] I hate this gump
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2004 17:25:52 GMT
This is a rant. I rant when I'm pissed, but I rant when I care.

Cocoon received some 25 nags in a row, twice, in two days and it's 
likely to continue since I have no idea on how to fix the thing.

I spent a few hours browsing around the gump html pages. I'm sorry, they 
are not only uselessly full of information that nobody really cares 
about, but they are also misleading *very misleading*.


look at what it says:


success at what? at finding problems? then it says "overall project 
success 18%". WTF? what is the measure of success for gump, anything 
higher than zero?

So, we clearly have a problem and I try to fix it. I take the 'cocoon' 
module because is the root of the dependencies (obviously *I* know that, 
stupid gump doesn't tell me that, even if it knows)

no such project "avalon-framework". What? It has been there *FOREVER*... 
oh, yeah, it's the "we love our users" anthem we hear from avalon every 
day [we are fixing that one in another area, but it should be fixed soon]

So, I go looking for the new name of the avalon framework... hmmm... 
where do I go? I look up: run? no workspace? yeah, that shoudl have 
it... no, it's useless crap, back, where is the list of the goddamn 
projects... hmmm, maybe log? all right

Oh *fuck* "gump is currently building, blah blah blah"

Boy, this gump sucks.

Gump needs to be a two tier system: one system drives the build and 
generates data, pumps it into a database and another tier (possibly a 
webapp) drives the presentation layer accessing that data.

This insanity has to stop.

Yes, I'm going to do something about it myself and you can bet your ass 
that the webapp will *NOT* be written in python.


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