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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: project version changes and Maven WAS: cvs commit: gump/project jakarta-commons.xml
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 10:00:33 GMT
On Tuesday 26 October 2004 17:39, Eric Pugh wrote:
> I guess that would help.  However, a challenge for me is that everytime I
> add a dependency to my project.xml I also need to inform gump.  As I have
> gotton more and more used to Maven, I don't even think about dependencies
> beyond manipulating project.xml.

I agree with you on this point, and...

> However, you are right that the module reference being able to point to
> external source repositories addresses the access issue.

... this was the only thing I was commenting on. Sorry if that wasn't clear.

I think we all want to minimize the synchronization between a project's 
dependency resolution system and Gump's resolution system.

Magic has a solution, since Gump support was built-in from the beginning. 
OTOH, Magic is only used in Avalon, and that is being shut down, so even 
though it is a highly capable build system, its relevance here is diminishing 

Maven is shakey, i.e. automatic generation doesn't work, mostly because it 
doesn't have explicit Gump treatment in the POM. If Maven is not going to 
change the POM DTD to accommodate for Gump (== unlikely, since it would also 
require the projects to use that feature), then to achieve completely 
automated generation of Gump descriptors from the Maven Gump goal, we need to 
ensure that projects are name-synced with Maven artifact IDs, or have an 
artifactId attribute for each of the projects.

Ant projects are treated according to a template of classpath injection, BUT 
some projects do their own downloads, and I wonder if there are some that 
actually bypasses the Gump intentions. This is IMHO a grayish area, which I 
would like to investigate further. Perhaps it could be tested by setting a 
security policy for Ant which disallowed network connections.

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