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From Niclas Hedhman <>
Subject Re: Please install javamail-1.3.1.jar into Gump
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 10:28:43 GMT
On Wednesday 20 October 2004 18:07, Henning P. Schmiedehausen wrote:
> Niclas Hedhman <> writes:
> >That means that we will be able to declare in the Gump descriptor that
> > abc.jar is used for an def-x.y.z.jar by Maven (and others), so that in
> > the overrides file,
> >
> >maven.jar.override = on
> > = /usr/local/...../javamail/mail.jar
> Could you please explain what this means exactly for a project?

<snip content="elaboration" />

This is probably a very interesting observation, which has to do about the 
purpose of Gump.

Gump does not exist to make sure your system/project work. That is your own 

Gump's purpose is to ensure that a source code change YOU (in anonymous sense) 
make doesn't aversely affect someone else, and if it does it should be 
captured and everyone involved should be notified about it ASAP, before any 
releases are being made.

That means that building against the declared versions are not an option. That 
doesn't provide a solution to the purpose. We need to build against either 
the latest known sources, and for generational shifts (i.e. compatibility is 
not maintained) we have to introduce separate projects for them, and in many 
cases both generations will be maintained by those projects over a limited 
period of time, e.g. tomcat.

I hope this clarifies why it is not in Gump's interest to use the versions 
(generations, yes, not versions) that you declare for your project, but the 
"latest/greatest" non-released stuff.


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