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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [RT] fixing gump
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 02:35:23 GMT

> wait, this does not compute: Y affects 2 (self + Z). The fact that Z was
> already affected should not change the situation.

So look at 'dependees' and stop looking at 'affected' -- and make the
dynamic webapp sort by either, or by your choice. Sure I understand your
argument against 'affected' (it is obvious, even to me ;-) but I felt it
might have some real-world value, so added it. I still feel it adds value,
maybe not theoretically, but in the real world.

You point to 'affected' for why Cocoon has not build. Clearly wrong! [Ok,
clearly a Stefano exuberant-pointed-exaggeration also, but indulge me...]
Cocoon didn't build 'cos (1) we'd not got enough folks caring about gump
successes (2) we didn't build from repository (and cocoon has lots of
dependencies, so it's chances of a build were unlikely. FWIIW: Communities
(many), along with myself (looking at 'affected') and Stefan (just being the
natural Gumpmeister) put in the time and effort in to picked candidate
failures, fix them, and slowly edged up the Gump wave front to meet Cocoon.
So, in a sense, this number resulted in Cocoon getting built. ;-)

Still, I'd like to see 'good math' to occur at this level. I agree that the
links between nodes (projects) is where the best Gump information resides.
I've done a few 'reports', but it'd be great to see these done completely.

Depth (deepest sub-tree) and Total Depth (accumulation of all branches) :

Historical Odds of a build (aka FOG)

Maybe 'reports' like this ought not be dynamic (although maybe Cocoon copes
with that, I don't know) but I feel we really want to be able to express
these numbers in some graphical form (or comparisons, or something) in order
to get the most from them. I'd enjoy being led here, if your
experience/expertise can guide...



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