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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [proposal] remove of <mkdir and <delete
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 14:02:01 GMT

> AFAIK, <delete is currently turned off for security reasons
> Is it?
> IIRC I added <delete> to ensure that two different builds inside the
> same directory tree didn't affect each other.  mockobjects?  Yes, I
> think so.  Basically I was building the same project twice against two
> different sets of dependencies.
> Not using <delete> but using to different build directories (or even
> separate modules) would have been cleaner.  No problem with cleaning
> this up - delete can go.

It was turned off, until I figured out (i.e. re-read the documentation) that
it could be done relative to the project, so not a danger of deleting /. If
there were any '..' entries in the path it was rejected. Crude, but
hopefully "good enough". So, right now it is enabled.

> > and <mkdir is something that gump could easily infer by itself
> > (basically, gump can try to read all the directories that are
> > references in the descriptors and, if not there, they can be built.
> If Gump does that, fine.

Yup, I agree. We ought add it to JIRA. We'd be removing an issue for folks
that is quiet obscure, and no new user ought need to know such things.



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