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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [RT] fixing gump
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 15:20:29 GMT
Stefan wrote:

> In some way allow Gumpers a more direct way to modify your Gump
> descriptors 8-)

You are asking for them to be moved to Gump CVS, right? If so, let's make
that request clear.

> Right now cocoon-lenya's (I realize that this is not "yours")
> descriptor references project "avalon" which has gone many moons ago.
> I've been (still am) too busy to play the manual nagger this time -
> and I don't think we have automated nags to capture this.

We did start nagging on 'errors in annotations', such as this, I believe. If
it isn't being nagged upon it ought be, I'll investigate.

> FWIW I totally agree with anybody complaining about the current nag
> mails.  I don't understand them either and directly go to the logs on
> Brutus (since I know where to look).  Even if there's been a simple
> compilation error, you don't get the error inside the mail but just a
> bunch of stack-traces - which is the result of combining "-verbose"
> with "only send the last few lines of the log".

That was why I removed the automated verbose (or made it a lot less
frequent, I forget which). Also, that "last few lines" -- I think that is in
the HTML pages, not the mail. In the mail we show the last 50 lines. Have
you looked lately? Are things still so bad that you'd still ignore them? If
so, I'd like to get input on how to fix things.

Here is one we can all look at:

Can we annotate this page w/ questions/issues/comments/feedback?



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