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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: How to run gump?
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:39:19 GMT

> sorry for asking again.

Gosh no, please don't aspologize. Thanks for being persistent.

> My issue is still how to reproduce the ws-jaxme
> nagging. (See
> ) After some days, I decided to check whether some update in the trunc
> has cured the original problem. However, I do get the following error
> messages now:

Huh, I don't get it, I don't see that mail in my inbox. Odd, some filter
foobar perhaps. Anyway, I'll answer it now.

The inability to write to /data is (as you are probably aware) because you
have to create a workspace definition (or customize metadata/workspace.xml
it to your local environment), i.e. pick some directories/paths.

As I see here :

It does mention gump.xml and minimal-workspace.xml. Hmm, it seems that
somebody 'tidied' this directory, and failed to keep the documentation in
step with that. It seems (to me) that the intention here is good -- just
have a single workspace.xml (that is well commented/documented) -- so I'll
update the documentation to match.

> [jwi@stujwi gump]$ python -w metadata/workspace.xml ws-jaxme
> [...]
> RuntimeError: No projects match [ws-jaxme]
> Process Exit Code : 1

Yup. Please open up the workspace.xml and edit it to use the full gump
profile, not the minimal one (which only includes up to Ant, and is mainly
for testing). See the individual had placed it in there, and commented it?

Once you get the full profile, that ought include ws-jaxme, so it ought find
the project. If you build just it you may (or may not, not sure) run into
the need for some packages (downloaded jars). Gump doesn't (today) handle
that for you (partially 'cos of license agreements you might need to click
upon) If you get stuck on this please post here.

Good luck.



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