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From "Stephen McConnell" <>
Subject gump/maven plugins dependencies are broken
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 21:53:08 GMT

Have been trying to sort out an issue concerning dependency logic
related to maven plugins during gump runs.

If we take a look at the Fulcrum MimeType Impl project it declares a
dependency (inside the maven project.xml) to the avalon-meta-plugin.
Normally maven will load the plugin at buildtime (which involves the
creation of a plugin classloader which in the case of the
avalon-meta-plugin involves loading about 6 or 7 other jar files that
are declared in the plugin's project.xml (embedded in the plugin jar

However - something very strange is going on.

Maven appears to be loading the version of the plugin declared in the
project.xml and NOT the version of the plugin supplied by gump.  This
means that the wrong dependencies get pulled in - demonstrated by the
fact that maven is complaining about a missing dependency
excalibur-configuration.  Please note that excalibur-configuration is
*not* a dependency with the plugin supplied by gump - but it is a
dependency in the version of the plugin declared in the project.xml

Here is the build result referencing the invalid missing
excalibur-configuration dependency.

My conclusion is that the gump builder for maven is expanding
dependencies based on the project.xml versioned plugin declaration via a
remote repository instead of expanding the project.xml of the latest
version of the plugin.  The thing here is that there is no information
available to the gump for maven builder to tell it where to find the
plugin's project.xml.  A possible solution here is to provide additional
information to the builder - possibly a file that would
tell the gump builder where to find the definitive project.xml for the

My currently feeling is that this issue is likely to block the majority
of builds in the Fulcrum repository.  

Any suggestions?


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