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From "Stephen McConnell" <>
Subject RE: jtidy
Date Wed, 13 Oct 2004 07:32:06 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Brett Porter []
> Sent: 13 October 2004 09:19
> To: Gump code and data
> Subject: Re: jtidy
> > > -- it is the last step before Cocoon, it seems. That, or somehow
> > > need to tackle this list below.
> >
> > Brett, if we built all those plugins from source, would we be able
> > use the freshly compiled versions of them in Maven using jar
> > or something?  Or would this involve changing the Maven
> I'll give a more explanatory answer, but the short answer is that it
> doesn't require changing the Maven installation, so this should be
> easy enough.
> plugins are a bit "interesting" in Maven 1.x.
> There are installation-wide plugins in $MAVEN_HOME/plugins
> There are user plugins in $MAVEN_HOME_LOCAL/plugins (usually
> $HOME/.maven/plugins)
> to gump, I imagine we never go near the second one, and only change
> the first one when we start building Maven from source.
> Then there are runtime only plugins - specified as dependencies (as in
> the case above), or built as part of a maven build using the reactor
> (see geronimo, I think).
> Since these ones are dependencies, they can be built using gump and
> handled as regular dependencies with jar overrides. They will not
> affect other projects, as they are not installed into either of the
> two locations above - just loaded into memory for the current maven
> run and forgotten once it stops.
> > I'm very reluctant to make more parts of our build systems
> Not exactly what you mean by installed here. I agree that they
> shouldn't be installed in Maven for all builders to use.
> I think that they have to be treated as with other dependencies: use
> jar overrides. But whether you build them from source, or package them
> is up to you. I'd say building them is unlikely to be problematic
> (unless they have some obscure dependencies): plugin:plugin is a very
> simple goal.


Any ideas what will happen when a project declares a dependency on a
artifact in both the project.xml and the gump project definition, and
the plugin itself is not built by maven?

This is the case with a plugin in the avalon repository that is build by
Magic and used in Maven under the Fulcrum project.


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