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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: NAnt
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 16:10:39 GMT
On Fri, 27 Aug 2004, Gert Driesen wrote:

> I've copied your message to the NAnt Developer mailing list
> (, which is the mailing list I'd
> suggest you to subscribe to.

I've subscribed, thanks.

>>> If there's anything we (the NAnt "Team") can do to help you with NAnt,
> or if
>>> you run into a specific issue : don't hesiste to contact me (or anyone
> else
>>> of the NAnt Team)!

If you could help us fill out t his page with information on how to work with Nant, that'd
be great. We really want to:

1) Run a script to build NAnt (kinda like the script)
2) Use the newly built NAnt to build the rest of Nant-dom (i.e. OSS project using NAnt).

>> What we'd like to do is teach Python Gump how to launch NAnt (as it does
> Ant today) with an 'environment' that Gump creates. Basically we kep calling
> NAnt on
>> folks projects, and the output of one project becomes the input of the
> next.
>> Basically we'd need to know :
>> 1) How to call NAnt (including commandline, e.g. -debug|-verbose)
>> 2) How to pass an environemnt (c.f. CLASSPATH for Java folks).
>> 3) How to process outputs (stdout?) and exits, etc.
>> 4) How to process build outputs (are these .il?, c.f. jar for Java)

If you could help populate the page with these, I could write the Python (Gump) code to perform
the actions.

>> Right now we seem to have stalled 'cos the Mono install on
>> seems to fail to compile/'link' on a simple .cs test that Ant uses. I've
> reported this to the Mono team as a bug, but no update yet. We are on
> Debian, if any of you know that.

If we don't get past this for a while we can atleast try on a M$ platform.

>>> What exactly will Apache be using NAnt for ? Do you (yourself or Apache)
>>> have any issues with our current license (GPL) ? We've considered
> switching
>>> to a BSD or Apache style license, but no one has found enough time to
>>> finalize this ... If this is something you (as the Apache organization)
> feel
>>> strongly about, then we could increase the priority for the license
> switch
>>> ...

Hmm, I'm no license expert. I'll ask other Gumpers for input here.

>> The goal is to set up a Gump of OSS projects that use Nant to build them.
>> See this one for Ant/Java:
>> Having Gump freshly 'integrate' (compile against each other) OSS projects
> helps rapidly developing projects keep in sync, and promotes health.
>> I look forward to the Gump Team working with you.

Let me know if I need to answer more questions.



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