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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Board Report Preparation...
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:56:08 GMT
I believe that it is coming time for board reports, and it also seems like Stefan has things
on his plate right now. Let's try and help him out with some content, if not getting it done

Some thoughts on content (since last report):

1) PMC vote for (request currently sitting in infr@ queue)
2) PMC vote to allow Gumped artifacts to be in a public repository, marked as Gump product
-- untrusted and NOT a release.
3) The installation of Mono on Brutus (plans for NAnt gumping, if teething troubles removed)
4) PMC vote to allow ajack 'root access' to Brutus.
5) SVN and CVS split.
6) Traditional Gump archival.
7) Work on MySQL integration initiated (current DB is DBM, not portable.)
8) Mutlithreaded CVS|SVN updates
9) Work on Artifact Repository
10) Initial integration with Depot (for artifact downloading)
11) Performance optimization (memory leaks removed/reduced)
12) Addition of XHTML (no longer requiring webapp for XDOCS conversion).
13) Conversion to Python 2.3

Hmm, more junk here than the board cares about, I'm sure. Ok, let's trim some of that out.
Please help add content here:

Thanks in advance.


Have you Gump'ed your code today?

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