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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject RDF/DOAP (Re: [RT] two wild thoughts)
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 14:44:48 GMT
> Gump and Maven have project matadata descriptors that are in XML. I strongly 
> believe it would be way better to have them in RDF, but I know this scares 
> people away.
> But now there is DOAP [2] which is pretty cool and might allow me to work on 
> gump for my day job.
> I'm going to experiment with that.
> [2]

I am intruiged by RDF. (I have a soft spot in my techie heart for Prolog, and I sense that
RDF could get there also for the same.) I suspect that (like Python) others have the same
intruige. I've always found the best way to explore something I'm curious about is to dabble
with it, to tinker implementing something. I'd enjoy seeing that done here.

I also think that if a 'stadard' (defacto or otherwise) for proejct metadata could evolve,
Gump ought be trying to use it. I like the fact that RDF ought be declarative metadata. Perhaps
Gump could extend outside of it's curent realm, and reach more projects.

If we could mount a sustained effort to define who we'd like to use RDF/DOAP, I am definately
game to help wire new developments into Gump.



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