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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject [RT] (again) Cause determination
Date Tue, 03 Aug 2004 02:37:43 GMT
As we've discussed before...

90% of the time when a project, that has been successfully built, starts 
failing, it is 'cos of a contract shift (break/change) below it. We 
proceed to notify the project, but often those folks don't have the 
Gump itch to root out the cause & zap it.

I think it is time to start to teach Gump the skill of notifying the 
correct pair. I don't think this will be simple, but I think we can and 
ought start working on putting the pieces in place to crack it.

Initially, I could see us having a system whereby each 'issue' is unqiuely 
identified, and stored in a datbase (RDBMS, for us to query) if not JIRA 
(if not both). I think Gump ought be 'aware' of issues, and notify to all 
participants (via cross posting), not just single projects.

Then, I think we need to do what (I beleive) Leo suggested, which is 
output parsing. The really is no reason why we can't parse Ant output (or 
Maven, or ...) and look for key indicators. We ought be able to match this 
to Rhino @ Mozilla. Even if we daren't automate the process of 'assigning 
participation in cause', maybe it could be used to prompt humans to take 
such action.



in org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime cannot be applied to 
     [javac]             retval =, fun, global, args, 

So, do we start work with RDBMS, and/or attempt to integrate into 
JIRA/others, or attempt to parse/comprehend outputs?


-- Have you Gump'ed your code today?

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