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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [nant-dev] Re: NAnt
Date Mon, 30 Aug 2004 18:44:20 GMT
> There's a makefile in NAnt cvs, but this uses a minimal version of NAnt to
> build a fully functional version. Do you need a target that first creates
> bootstrap version, and then uses that bootstrap version to build a fully
> functional version ?

The ant folks have two scripts for Gump (bootstrap.bat and
that build Ant with minimal dependencies so Gump can (portably) call that to
get the builder. (Please see: With
that minimal one Gump can then build the basic projects, and then build Ant
proper using it's dependencies. This is a nice step since it ensures that
the Ant used is latest, so acts as a test for Ant asn wel las the Ant built
projects. Something similar for NAnt would be wonderful.

> >>> 2) How to pass an environemnt (c.f. CLASSPATH for Java folks).
> You only need a correctly set-up (and supported) CLR. For Mono, you need
> have the developer packages installed, as we use pkg-config to discover
> location of mono .

I was (also) refering to the 'assemblies' from the previous projects being
passed to the currently being built one.

> >>> 3) How to process outputs (stdout?) and exits, etc.
> Not sure what you want to accomplish here. Can you provide a little more
> information ?

Just wanting to tell if NAnt fail to build something (e.g. compile error due
to underlying change).

> >>> 4) How to process build outputs (are these .il?, c.f. jar for Java)
> Build output normally consists of a set of assemblies. What further
> processing to you envision ?

This was really just to publish them to a repository, and pass them to
dependent projects. I wasn't sure if anything else was needed.

> Let us know if you need more information.




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