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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: heresy - a controversial or unorthodox opinion or doctrine
Date Sun, 11 Jul 2004 05:46:50 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

>>Well - maybe its not that bad ... but all the same - this is an early
>>warning .. I'm thinking about making a copy of AntBuilder
>>(gump/python/gump/builder/, renaming it to, making a
>>couple of small but significant changes, sorting out what actually does
>>the builder selection, updating it submitting a patch.  And all of this
>>with zero Python experience and no compiler.
> Nothing slightly heretic (unless you are talking about Ant religion not Gump
> religion). Magic is like Ant (based upon, I believe) but different, so you
> approach seems totally correct given today's Gump codebase. The only (small
> but significant) extras I can think off would be:
> 1) Add a <magic element to the project metadata (like <ant, like <maven) and
> update gump/model/ to have such a Magic class (based upon
> Builder), just like the Ant class. [Feel free to update xdocs for site
> documentation.]
> 2) Modify gump/model/ to create the self.magic member data, and
> hasMagic(), getMagic() beaner methods, and clone that small section in
> complete() (that constructs objects from XML) that constructs a Magic class
> for a <magic DOM element.
> 3) Update gump/build/builder to have a self.magic and then if
> project.hasMagic() to call your gump/builder/
>>If this sounds like heresy then please yell out now because as I see it
>>this is the next step in moving the magic gump equation forward.  If
>>anyone wants to shepherd me though the process I'll be very grateful.
> We have and, so when not Get a few more and we can
> refactor these steps about to allow (1) auto-discovered/auto-loaded plugins
> based upon the element name (2) element name to model/builder auto mappings.
> A few more and we'll have enough experience for a reasonable plug-in
> strategy. (For example, I think the CLASSPATH generation could move into the
> builder, so we could have similar but non-Java such stuff).
> BTW: What are the differences between Ant and Magic as far as Gump is
> concerned?

A MagicBuilder would set specific system properties (gump date, probably 
a verbose flag, exclusion of build.sysclasspath) and modify the 
classpath to be ant, junit and magic.  Secondly, the semantics of gump 
<depend> would be interpreted as a <depend><noclasspath>.

But in digging around I think this is step one of a two step process. 
In effect a MagicBuilder really only reduces the number of lines of gump 
information that needs to be read in - the real kicker will come from a 
magic module and the interaction between a magic module and a magic 
builder - but this is pure thinking ahead and I'm still dealing with the 
fact that someone has removed all of the braces from the source code!


Cheers, Steve.

> regards
> Adam
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