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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: brutus may be having a problem
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 18:30:55 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
>>3h 23m.
>>That's an improvement!
> Daft, but I've not been paying attention (too painful to look) 


> -- what was it before?

The cycle time between updates of the web site was around 9 hours - gump 
was reporting about 5 hours for the run (so we are already seeing a big 
improvement on that aspect). In addition there is that mystery 4 hours 
between the end of the run and the appearance off documentation.

> Still, it can do far far better. Multi-threading the CVS/SVN ought reduce
> the latency. The main problem (for no clear reason I can gather) still seems
> to be generating documentation.

Just an observation - that way things are using the current setup is 
"for me" better.  Ok the docs are not a nice but what I can see 
immediately is the following:

   (a) a message saying "gump is running and it started at ..."
   (b) result as they unfold which gives me more time to hit the
       issue (e.g. I figure I've fixed james during the last run
       because I was able to access the info before the run had

Things I wasn't too impressed with was the dirty big red banner 
complaining about my subversion of build.sysclasspath which kind of made 
me cringe.


> Ever tried a targeted run? 

Nope - never.
I'll leave that sort of thing to Niclas!

> If one runs to (say) depot or something like this
> (a trimmed stack), this thing flies. It is something that clogs up over time
> & I can't track it down (ok, haven't yet). 

Watching the interactive progress you get a feel for this as well - gump 
kicks off and rips though the early entries but things get progressively 
slower.  But the end of the run she's not showing the same degree 

> I sometimes wonder if it is the
> Python implementation, not Gumpy per se. Something to do with the number of
> objects in memory. Sooner or later I'll find it.



> regards
> Adam
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