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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: sanity check
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 15:40:53 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> On Mon, 05 Jul 2004, Stephen McConnell <> wrote:
>>The idea scenario is that gump generates the module using the above
>>after doing the checkout and before computing dependencies.
> So Gump had to know how to generate descriptors before it could start
> to do some work.  As much as I understand your intention, I see rather
> big bootstrap problems here.

All we need to to is to recognize a magic based module and generate the 
module to a file using java.  For example, the following ant task:

   <target name="gump">
     <x:gump description="Magic Test Module"
          public="true" filename="gump.xml">
       <x:url href=""/>
       <x:svn repository="avalon-svn" dir="trunk"/>
       <x:license file="central/system/license/LICENSE.TXT"/>
       <x:nag to=""/>

... generates a file named gump.xml.  I've just posted a copy of this to - this will give you an 
idea of what is possible without any input from gump.

> Would your magic project description contain all information necessary
> to build your projects?  


The generated file has everything that gump needs to do its stuff. It 
includes *all* of avalon (as opposed to the current 79% in the current 
hand-maintained gump descriptor).  It is completely up-to-date with 
respect to dependencies and names and covers a complete build, test, and 
publication cycle using gump supplied artifacts for :

   * compilation
   * creation and loading of ant plugin meta-data
   * creation and loading of repository plugin meta-data
   * creation and loading of composite component descriptors
   * unit testing
   * integration testing
   * integrated javadoc and site generation

In all of the above - magic itself, magic plugins, application plugins, 
composite component definitions - everything is running of artifacts 
generated by gump.

> You'd probably still need to pull SCM
> information and jar locations from Gump in addtion, right?

No - not for module generation.

Magic has internal build support for running in a gump context.  It will 
automatically adjust version information across all managed projects to 
synchronize with the gump @@DATE@@ value and it will automatically map 
non-avalon artifacts to the gump supplied jar filenames.


> Stefan
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