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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Was python a good idea?
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2004 20:54:03 GMT

> Adam, please, let me start saying this is (as indicated) a random
> though, not a proposal, nor a criticism.

Thanks, but not neccessary, I've had the [RT] myself many times. In the
early days of this (as one gent on IM can attest) there were an uncountable
number of times I bitched "I could re-write Gump in Java in no time". I
still think it is very easy/doable in Java. Maybe it would've been smarter.

> > For me it is a beautify folly; so what
> > better than to experiment with, to teach some Java folks a new tool, to
> > learn Python & get a new perspective on the world?
> If it floats your boat, I'm happy. I'm just concerned that the day you
> find something that is more interesting, we are left with a codebase
> that nobody knows how to maintain.

IMHO, the codebase is the problem, not the language. Trust me, I write
Python like I write Java, heck -- I don't know Pythonic Python. ;-) Kinda
like I write Perl, kinda like I write .... -- ya know, it all just all
tastes like chicken. ;-)

Basically, there are a bunch of classes -- maybe too many -- and they need
cleaning up, they need documenting, they need opening up to the rest of you.

> > BTW: Won't Java (with JDK 1.5 feature) + Groovy and Python be about the
> > thing sooner or later, anyway? ;-) The similarities will outweigh the
> > differences. ;-)
> There is a psycological impact in community dynamics that should not be
> underestimated.

Yup, I hear that. I hope the CleanUp branch was the start of the cleanup, of
a simplification. I think we need to enable plug-ins (the easiest way for
communities to open up to new developers) and I think we need to fully
document/clean the internal design. I've fought so long w/ Python
performance that I've not been able to do that, I now feel I can.

I don't plan on going anywhere until I've documented Gump, and given Python
it's best chance. I think Gumpy is finally warming up & I thank folks for
their continued interest/patience...



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