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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Traditional 'Branch'
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 18:59:26 GMT
Nicola wrote;

> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> ...
> > Ok, what about moving all the code to subversion and just keep the
> > metadata in CVS? (at least for now)
> IIRC that what we had basically agreed was a sensible thing to do for
> Python Gump.
> +1 from me

Yeah, I think we agree that is the best mid-term solution, I was just (1)
nervous about making an SVN request ('cos of delays in getting the resources
configured/converted) (2) hoping to clean out/re-organize now (prior to any
such 1 above).

I guess I could tag the current tree as TRADITONAL, communicate (not sure
how) with any traditional users to use that tag. and then start cleaning out
CVS HEAD whilst infr (or member w/ karma) schedules a CVS to SVN move. The
branch just seems like a nice way to separate traditional out (in case
anybody chose to fix metadata and/or code), i.e. giving more options. Both
ways would cause work for anybody trying to maintain a traditional.

Don't forget, I'm one of the poor sods who doesn't have a lot of fun w/ SVN
(especially w/ Eclipse 3.0 over a modem). For me CVS is more
reliably/robust/functional. This was also part of my reticence, but I can
get by that -- since I believe in moving w/ the flow of the new (so out w/
the old).

Big questions (1) folks ok w/ me doing a clean/re-org prior to importing
into SVN? I hope so. (2) do we want to preserver history? [There is a lot of
junk in there from me, in part due to me not being able to fully test

BTW: I would like to cut down on the number of commits I do that I then have
to follow up with N minor 'fixit' commits. [Heck, reduce embarrassment, as
well as CVS history junk.] The reason  I do these (unintentionally) is I
test Gump from CVS on a remote server, and I can't (network bandwidth over
modem), do anything but unit tests locally. I guess I could figure out a way
to rsync from my local dev area to a remote server to test, then commit, the
sad news is that would be twice the traffic. Any thoughts, or is rsynch it?



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