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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Traditional 'Branch'
Date Fri, 16 Jul 2004 13:13:01 GMT
> my workflow suggestion is:
>   1) have infra@ migrate the existing gump CVS over to SVN

I assume we have all Apache w/ access to this SVN repository, i.e. same
perms as CVS.
No brainer, but I assume we want:

Any other input we give to infr?

>   2) do your checkout with svn
>   3) do the cleanup (move files around, prune files that shouldn't be
> there, etc...) [doesn't matter if it's not functional, CVS is still in
> place]
>   4) then start working on the code. [at that point, people will know
> not to touch stuff in CVS if not the metadata... we can also remove
> everything from that CVS module but the metadata]

5) I will tag as TRADITIONAL (FWIIW) and then remove all extras. I can't
cope w/ the 1+Mb XERCES checkout that I don't use. I also agree that
cleaning up to only have the metadata will make this a lot more acessible to

> comments?

I guess we then just document CLEARLY (in multiple places) that (1) code is
called 'gump' in SVN and (2) metadata is called 'gump' in CVS (and one day
metadata will reside in SVN).



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