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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Nightly Builds and Ant
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 14:50:01 GMT

this is probably more targeting Leo than the complete general list,
not sure.

In the "good old days of Sam's Gump machine"(tm) Ant used the contents
of the $WORKSPACE/ant/distribution directory filled by the dist-ant
project as nightly builds.  We have been aware that we've been living
on the bleeding edge with our dependencies, but we were and still are
willing to accept that.

Unfortunately Ant's own build process won't fit into Leo's "build"
script at all, and I pretty much doubt we could ever make it fit.
Apart from the "we don't download or bundle dependencies" problem, Ant
may require an unreleased version of Ant to build itself if the build
file uses some new features.  This is quite common for Ant.

I could write a shell script that copies over the results of dist-ant.
We could add this to nightlybuild's cron directory easily.

The biggest problem I see is synchronization with Gump.  Gump will
rsync the ant directory right at the beginning (before bootstrap-ant
is built) so between starting Gump and finishing dist-ant there is a
window where the script won't find anything to copy.

OTOH I could hijack the cron entry of gump's "--official" build to add
a publish-ant script once it is finished, but then the nightly builds
would be owned by gump and not nightlybuild - not sure whether this is
an issue.

What do you suggest?


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