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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: commons-compress - Gump/Maven issues?
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 19:06:28 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

> Hi all,
> two notes colored by my complete lack of Maven knowledge:
> (1) The descriptor of commons-compress sets a property named
> component.version and hopes to get this into the jar name, which
> obviously doesn't work that way.  Maven still uses
> /project/currentVersion from the POM.
> I've adapted the descriptor to match the name we actually see just to
> get a successful build in Gump, but I'd prefer a way that allows us to
> get dated jar names via Maven.  Probably we are just using the wrong
> property name or something like that.
> (2) The <work> entry inside the descriptor pointed to nowhere and
> there is no <work> entry for the generated test classes, still the
> test goal manages to load the freshly compiled test classes.
> This means that we are not getting the effect of
> build.sysclasspath=only in Maven builds.  The jar overrides will catch
> the artifacts Gump knows about but Maven will happily let the goals
> (plugins, tasks, I don't know the correct terms) add more stuff to the
> classpath itself.
> For things like <work> directories for compiled classes this probably
> is good, but it may also lead to situations where Gump doesn't manage
> to substitute a jar from CVS with a freshly compiled one.

Have been thinking about this issue for about a week and a bit.

My conclusion is that the maven scenario is very similar to the magic 
scenario.  To do real integration you need to be able do to something 
like set some special property so that magic or maven can take control 
over classloader definition in the knowledge that the build is a gump 
build (i.e. effects the repository cache that is used and the semantics 
concerning artifact handling).  That means providing the current cache 
of artifact that have been generated so that magic or maven can map 
dependency reference to artifact in gumps cache.



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