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From Leo Simons <>
Subject legalities of jar publishing (was: Re: [VOTE] retire java gump)
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 09:48:55 GMT
Disclaimer: IANAL.

IIRC There is no "board policy" about redistribution of materials by 
gump. There is just concern, and the concern is not just with the board. 
The Gump PMC is supposed to be protecting the legal interests of the ASF 
wrt gump, and it is gump people who disabled jar distribution. I don't 
remember any of the details, but here's a few things I do know:

  * the ASF only wants to distribute software written and owned by the
  * the ASF licenses all of its software under the apache license, and
    this must be true for all distributions published
  * distribution of software by the ASF projects should be done by PMCs
    or ASF officers, for legal protection
  * the ASF has high standards about releases. We want to provide things
    like MD5 files, gpg signatures, etc. Users need to trust that the
    things the ASF distributes are high-quality, and for that to be true,
    high quality must be consistent.

  * gump builds non-ASF-owned software under other licenses than the
    apache license
  * the gump pmc does not check the quality or validity of the outputs
    of gump, nor take an active approach to publishing those results
  * gump does not generate MD5 files, gpg signatures, etc

 From the above it should be clear that we're a bit reluctant about 
publishing the jars gump produces!

People have put in work to alleviate these concerns (the <license/> tag 
is one example of that), but I'm not sure where we're at right now.

Sure, third parties are free to use gump and publish those jars, and 
they could do that using python gump. But that's not really what's 
happening right now. I think the only host who still publishes jars is 
covalent, and that is more like a shared hosting box that covalent loans 
to the gump team than a seperate entity. So that repository is likely 
going away, too.

Python gump does generate the jar repository, and publishing it is a 
rather trivial task (see 
The issue is not technical.



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